Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facials

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facials

eve taylor skincare Eve Taylor skin care is made with natures finest ingredients – essential oils. Essential oils have amazing therapeutic properties and come from many parts of plants such as roots, bark, flowers or seeds. Each essential oil, apart from having a wonderful aroma and amazing sensory triggers, has multiple properties with the ability to hydrate, detox and oxygenate the skin. This gives them the ability to help restore balance and revitalise and boost the skin. (Eve Taylor www.eve-taylor.com)

Express £20

This facial is great to experience the benefits of Eve Taylor skin care if time is precious and includes; Double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, tone and moisturise. While the mask is on you may also choose between a relaxing hand or foot massage to further enhance your treatment. (30 minutes)

Signature £35

As the express, this facial is tailored to your individual skin type and products are used to create the most benefit for your skin. This treatment also includes a relaxing scalp, neck, décolleté and shoulder massage to further boost the therapeutic benefits and will leave you and your skin feeling revitalised, calmed and refreshed.

Age Resist £42

As the signature but targeting mature or prematurely ageing skin. This treatment contains essential oils to help strengthen and regenerate the skin. It is enriched with benefits such as vitamins A,D and E to protect the skin from free radicals and nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin. All of this combined also aids the maintenance of the skins barrier function, provides required hydration and minimises the signs of ageing.

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