1/2 hour £20     1 hour £35

reiki handsAs a therapist this is my favourite treatment. Firstly, because it is beneficial for anyone and everyone, and secondly because the first reiki treatment I ever had, had a profound effect on me. I had never felt so relaxed in my whole life, and couldn’t wipe the smile from my face for the rest of the day! It was following this that I felt I wanted to be able share this feeling of being revitalised, of inner peace and inner calm, and so I went on to train to master level. It’s as though reiki has opened my eyes and spirit to the beauty of the world and everything living. Amazing 😀

So what is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful form of healing that can benefit anyone of any age. In fact, it can benefit any life form including animals and plants. Translated from Japanese, reiki means ‘universal life force energy’, and this energy fills and encompasses every living thing. You may have heard it referred to as ‘chi’ and it is said to provide animation for all living things.

Reiki is a healing treatment that promotes wellbeing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and is channelled to the recipient through the therapist. It increases the ability to relax, can relieve tension and helps to regain inner peace, balance and strength, thus aiding the body’s natural ability to heal.

What to expect

The treatment takes place with the recipient either laying on the couch or sitting in a chair, but is not restricted to this positioning, whatever is most comfortable (another beauty of reiki). The recipient remains fully clothed and is often covered with a blanket or towels. Soft music will be played in the background and the lights dimmed. The therapist will then begin the treatment and will either place the hands on, or hover over, the body. The therapist may remain in one position or move to different parts of the body*, and the reiki energy and healing will travel wherever it is needed,  providing a wonderfully calming experience for mind, body and soul.

*Hands will not be placed anywhere on the body that is deemed inappropriate or uncomfortable.

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