Hello and welcome to Life Light Therapy!

My name is Julie and I have been qualified as a therapist for over 10 years. I am based in Pin-Up’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Gidea Park, Romford and I am a trained holistic and beauty therapist, as well as being a reiki master, EFT practitioner and meditation teacher.image

My aim is to help people to regain balance and wellbeing, and alleviate any stress that can lead to dis’ease’ within the body. As the body relaxes and energy blockages are cleared, the body becomes more able to naturally heal. I hope that as a result of the treatments I offer, I can soothe and calm your mind, body and soul, bringing you a revived inner peace and a time to ‘just be’.


Holistic therapies work and treat the body as a whole, and I hope to shine some light back into your life 😀 . As a therapist I am unable to diagnose or make any claims to cure, however these therapies can help to complement traditional medicine and methods and can assist in regaining balance and wellbeing within the body.






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